I LOVE ED EDD N EDDY OH MY GOSH !!!!!!!!!! Alright so here’s the story of how I found out about this show!!! Last Christmas (2022), I had to visit family in another state, but a snow storm happened so we had to leave early so we got stuck at a hotel. I of course immediately hunted down Cartoon Network and looked online at the schedule; there was Courage the Cowardly Dog, Bill and Mandy, Flapjack, and the Ed Edd n Eddy Jingle Jingle Jangle (plus dexter & fosters home after but i wasnt paying attention). As soon as I saw EEnE on the schedule I was like “ohhhh huh havent I been meaning to watch that show for awhile?? I should check it out when I get back!!!” and as soon as I got to my relative’s house for Christmas Eve, I started binge watching it and have been obsessed with it ever since!!

My initial interest for the show came from seeing Jimmy, atleast that’s what I think it was. I had seen people online say he was similar to Butters from South Park (a show that I was obsessed with from 8-9th grade before the osc) and I wanted to watch it because of that. I don’t think I had ever watched any of it before the christmas special, although weirdly enough I remember thinking as a kid Double Dee was a girl?? Older shows really didn’t play at all when I avidly watched CN as a kid so I missed out on a lot of really cool shows. I wished they had played them more because they are really good. Though I could definitely see problems with parents responses to the Krankers because honestly, their trope is really icky and would never get greenlit in this era (and thank god for that!!!!!!!!!!!). Also EEnE made so many references to “magazines” and like??? If some of that stuff was released now it would be hell

Alright so I’ll just get this out of the way: for legal reasons, piracy is bad!!! Dont do piracy!!!! Dear i am not promoting piracy!!!!

Ok now that thats done, I have been watching EEnE through this incredibly done, fanmade remastered version and it is genuinely one of the most beautiful things I have seen. Obviously I can’t link it (piracy wtf!!!!!!1) but it’s on reddit somewhere if you want to look into it. I made the mistake of downloading a whole 10 minute episode in 4k which is. a lot of storage but i ended up finding a downscaled 1080 version and have been rlly happy with it!!!!!! Im just saying this because the version I’ve watched of EEnE has color correction so the colors in the official release are different – not too noticeably tho, just a lot more vivid and bright colors– so my screenshots might not accurately represent the cells (but then again the official releases also probably don’t represent the cells 100% accurately either LOL). I think the only issue the remastered version I have is that when characters are small in a scene it makes them look a lil funky but it’s literally so much better than the horrible 480p uploads I was previously watching and AI is bound to make mistakes.

The love that fans of a show can have is something I’ve always been admirable of. The fact that people will spend hours and hours, months even, tediously programming an AI to remaster a show and fine combing through scenes just to make sure it looks good just because they love it and make it accessible to everyone and not for a single cent is so fucking awesome. Passion and love is so crazy

I’ve had so many instances of me just pausing the show and going frame by frame to see the animation and you just dont get that anymore with a lotta modern tv animation!!! Being one of the last tv shows with cell animation, it really holds an interesting title. In order to get the boiling line effect, they had to redraw every single still frame 3 times!!! Now I feel, if a series wanted to do that it would just be computer generated, which there’s nothing wrong with, but it doesn’t really hit the same way. I tried to watch KND and like. The computer animation looks so bad next to EEnE and its a shame cause i know that basically nothing can rlly hold up to the effect that true cell animation can get.

Im not trying to say that cell animation is better than computer animation (though im seeing myself turn into a “it was better in the old days!!!” type person scarily enough), it’s just a very different, kinda subconscious feeling. Idk how to describe it really. Computer animation is very much a valid way of animating and im glad that it’s made it so accessible and trust me, making frame by frame animation still takes the same amount of skill. Its just. Idk !!! :’D

by the way, the images to the right are screenshots from one of the last episodes of season 3 i think, while the screenshots below are after that (wip still figuring it out) The use of color in this show always amazes me like gah!!!! how is it so cool lookin!!!!

It honestly really bugs me how a lot of cartoons in the early 2000s and even now relied on these very horrific saturated bright digital color palletes cuz like. less is more with a lot of this stuff!! limitation really does breed innovation (or whatever they say)