Resources for art that I've personally found useful! Books are linked to reuploads!
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Perspective Made Easy - Ernest Norling

This book taught me so much about perspective oh my god! I cannot recommend it enough, even for people who think they know all that is needed to know. While this book is from the 40s, it's knowledge can be applied to almost every drawing you make (perspective hasn't really changed over the years lol). Before this book, I could not for the life of me figure out how 2 point perspective worked. It goes over so many key ideas that are helpful if you want to learn more complex things. Overall very good book!!!!

How To Draw - Scott Robertson

This book is not for the faint of heart. It is a very technical view on perspective and can get very confusing at times. I recommend only getting into this book if you have a good grasp of perspective already. I heavily recommend reading "Perspective Made Easy" before this book. I made the mistake of using it as a linear learning tool when it is more of a reference book to go to when you're stuck with something. I think this book is helpful if you plan on making very percise, intricate drawings. This book also comes with videos but the level of helpfulness varies. If you're the type that likes to wing things like me, then I dont think this book is the most helpful thing ever. If you want to make yourself suffer though, then this is great! NOTE:in the process of reading!

How To Render - Scott Robertson

Once again, a very technical book. It can get very confusing at times but once you understand some of it, it can be very eye opening. This book also comes with videos and in my opinion are much more helpful than the H2D ones. If you're gonna look at anything, the first few pages on the different types of shadows are extremely helpful. NOTE:in the process of reading!



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