hello!!!! this is a collection of things i have collected over time!!! Including: anime figures, trinkets/knick-knacks, legos (even tho i currently only have 2 minifigures LOL), my gunpla(i. have only finished one so far) & more stuff!!! very loosely sorted. maybe one day ill sort it better idk!!

miku!!!!! Hello! good smile figure thingie! (idk how to say its name!!)

got it at nyc comic con at the good smile booth!!! i had my eyes on the figure for a bit but shipping always detered me. So, when i saw it in person i had to get her!!!!!
plus my kitty minecraft playing with her ^_^ (shes evil)

clear nurse dejiko (digi charat)

she was an impulse buy that i got from mercari LOL. her colored version goes for $80+ so when i saw the clear version i jumped on her even tho it cost me $30 T_T (i am a lil irresponsible ok!!!)
she is very hard to photograph but shes really cool lookin irl! i hope i get the colored version some day... also last 2 photos were taken on my 3ds then photographed!